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Mainland Service

Professional Development with NAAC

Our Council is committed to developing a mutual-care and sharing society and is willing to extend the social work profession from Hong Kong to the Mainland. Having considered the actual situation on the Mainland, we have built up service units to promote social services and conduct opinion survey so that our services are tailor made to the societal needs. With a professional development in mind, we would like to exchange with all social workers all over the country. Advocating professional education in the industry, we supervise students in the Faculty of Social Work and organise professional and in-depth on-the-job training for them to raise the standard of our profession. Through exchange programmes, both the students and ourselves can learn from each other and hope for a better tomorrow. With more than 20 years of China experience, our Council received “2014 The Grand Charity Ceremony — Group Charity Award” and the service units received over 40 awards from the country, proving that the results of our services on the Mainland have been very fruitful.

Mainland Service  

Our Council has been working with Fengyuan Street Committee to set up Wenchang Neighbourhood Multi-Service Centre for the Elderly, Fengyuan Neighbourhood Day Activity Centre, Fengyuan Neighbourhood Community University for the Elderly and Fengyuan Neighbourhood Day Care Centre for the Elderly in 1998, 2003, 2008 and 2010 respectively. The service units aim to serve the elderly, people with disabilities, ex-mentally ill people, and individuals in the community with various professional social services. Published in 19 titles, the books were delivered to numerous organisations all over the country. At different times, the centres were awarded with a number of prizes such as the “2013 National Community Service Outstanding Project Award” and the “National Social Service Model Unit”, two “Excellent National Community Service Projects” in 2007, the “National Community Volunteer Advanced Group” in 2003, and “One Hundred Excellent Youth Volunteer Service Groups in China” in 2001. Our Mainland services were repeatedly graded as “Excellent” in various award presentation ceremonies, of which the “Ageing in Place” elderly service has been given the title of “model unit at the provincial level”. These realise our hope of becoming an ideal exchange target on the Mainland.


Professional Training

Our Council, advocating professional education, has been repeatedly invited by Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Disabled Persons Federation, Guangdong Provincial Civil Affairs Bureau, Guangzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation and so on to provide training across the broader. For example, we cooperated with the Guangdong Province Civil Affairs Bureau and Guangdong Professional Civil Affairs Bureau to train up 390 social workers in two weeks in the “Guangdong Social Workers Professional Ability Upgrading Project”. The outcome has been satisfactory. Moreover, our Council co-organised with Guangzhou Disabled Persons’ Federation a 9-month long programme called the “Guangzhou Disabled Persons’ Rehabilitation Service System Training Course”. Of the 900 questionnaires received, 95% of the participants said the course was able to enhance their knowledge and skills; in addition, we were invited to implement “Ageing in Place Service Training Programme in Guangzhou” which provided a number of 6-day training sessions for caregivers who were then certified to work as a recognised caretaker after the training. Training was also provided to management staff with our written training materials tilted “Ageing Place in Guangzhou Training Handbook”. Our Council keeps providing training to students who are studying Social Work at Fudan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangdong University of Technology, Guangdong College of Commerce, Guangzhou University and so on. With our effort, we received prizes such as “The Best Organisation for Placement” and “Excellent Supervisor”.


Exchange Activities

Our Council has had frequent exchanges with the Mainland and kept organising a number of delegation tour to various parts of China. We have been receiving many delegation tours from China as well as holding a lot of activities in the two coasts and four regions. For example, we organised the activity “Sunshine in Life — Two-Coast-Four-Region Disabled Persons’ Art Pieces Round Tour” with China Disabled Persons Federation and Guangdong Disabled Persons’ Federation in 2012, in which we exchanged our ideas with the disabled and affected people around us. In addition, we arranged a reception tour for the then Mayor of Guangzhou, Mr. Zhang Guangning, to visit our Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre. Mr. Zhang believed that integrated social services should be implemented in Guangzhou. The Department of Social Welfare of Guangzhou Civil Administration Bureau later published a report in a book format entitled Harmony for Citizen, Policy for Society — Guangzhou Provincial Government Delegation Tour to Hong Kong Studying Social Work Management Services, in which introduced the social services of our Council and set up a prototype for the implementation of family integrated services centre with the profession of social workers being recognised. Moreover, our Council was also introduced several times by the country-wide published journals — China Civil Affairs and China Disabled Persons.

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