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Fengyuan Neighbourhood Community University

for the Elderly

Contact Us

Address:2/F, 7-1 Cunshan North Street, Baohua Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China

Tel:(8620)8182 5012

Service Type:

Community University for the Elderly

Service Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays – closed

Service Boundary :


  Service Objectives

  • To arouse the learning motivation of elders so that they can face daily life challenges; 


  • To advocate lifelong learning and better use of leisure time so as to enhance elders’ mental development;


  • To promote equal learning opportunities.

Target Group

  • People aged 55 or above

Scopes of Service

  • Courses: Faculty of Arts: Chinese Literacy, Poetry, Putonghua and so on; Faculty of Ti-I: Vocal, Calligraphy, Dancing, Handicraft and so on; Faculty of Social Services and Social Sciences: Volunteer Training and Management of Human Relationship; Faculty of Information Technology: Use of Computer, Internet Access and so on; Faculty of Healthcare: Healthy Diet, Massage and so on.

  • Activities between instructors and students: meetings are held among instructors and staff members for a good management; gathering for instructors are arranged to strengthen their bonding; parties for instructors and students are held to increase friendship mutually.

  • Graduation Ceremony: Certificate Presentation to the students as recognition for their effort paid.


  • Hall for activities, counselling room, rehabilitation room, multi-sensory treatment room, canteen, washroom and bathroom


  • Registration fee is 5 yuan and re-registration is required for every 200 credit points. 


  • Fees may be charged for individual courses or activities.

  Application Procedures  

  • Apply in person or make a phone call to the University, or referred by Street Office, Residents’ Committee or other units.

  Withdrawal Procedures

Apply to the University.

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