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Family and Child Welfare Service

Build Strong Family Bond

Cultivate Child Development

Family is a fundamental unit of the society, and it satisfies various needs of each family member such as clothing, food, accommodation, transport, sense of belongings, emotional support and so on. The Chinese have had traditional moral and ethical values and spirits in their family culture. Nowadays, the family structure in Hong Kong has changed from that of a large extended family to one with core family members only, and in turn the family support network has become vulnerable. Our family and child welfare services provide support to individuals and families in need, aiming at building a strong family bond. We are now providing the following services:


Family Support Networking Team

Shamshuipo Family Support Networking Team has taken the initiatives since 2003 to reach needy individuals and families who are passive and do not have knowledge about social resources available in the community, providing appropriate services to elders living alone, people newly arrived at Hong Kong, youth at risk, children devoid of proper family care, single parent and underprivileged families, and giving service referrals in a timely manner.


Urban Hostel for Single Persons

Jockey Club Lok Fu Hostel and High Street House (Singleton Hostel) were established in 1995 and in 2001 respectively, providing temporary accommodation for needy people with self-care ability, street-sleepers waiting for long-term accommodation, people living alone in partitioned flats, bedspace apartment lodgers and homeless people. We provide advice and support for people applying for long-term accommodation, and hold recreational and social activities for them to adapt to life in the society in a harmonious manner. Jockey Club Lok Fu Hostel also provides temporary overnight accommodation service in emergency cases.


Service for Ethnic Minorities

TOUCH - Support Service Centre for Ethnic Minorities was established in 2012, holding the belief that all people should have the same rights of learning, contribution and sharing. The centre advocates the integration of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, creating a respectful society with diversity and equality.


Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions

In order to early identify and support preschool children and their families in need, The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council has launched the "Social Work Service for Pre-primary Institutions" since February 2019, providing professional social worker services stationed at preschool units to support the needs of preschool children, their parents, caregivers, and teaching staff.

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