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Education of Neighbourhood Realises Full Potential
Lifelong Learning Benefits the Community

Our Council believes in equality. It is fundamental that all persons, regardless of age, intelligence, language, nationality and financial situation, should be able to have the same opportunity to receive education. Therefore, our Council is committed to developing education services. Our Council takes a “people-oriented” approach to provide a balanced programme to foster the physical, intellectual, language, social and emotional development of the children. Our Council emphasises on the diversity among students and is dedicated to providing quality learning opportunities with appropriate care to the children. With good school-parent cooperation, we provide an optimised and ideal environment for students to grow up. In addition, our Council provides continuous learning for elders and people with disabilities for them to realise their potential or progressively get involved in the society for a fruitful life. Our Council also organises courses of the Employees Training Board to assist service users to re-enter the employment market, to sustain in their new posts, and to move up their career ladders.

Day Creche  

Sun Chui Day Creche and Yau Oi Day Creche started providing early childhood care and education services from 1995 and 1996 respectively for toddlers to children aged 2. The daily routine is set out according to the need of children in their various development stages. For example, sensory games, self-care training and thematic teaching are provided for children to establish their sense of safety and confidence. Good habits in their daily live are encouraged. For more detail about our day creche services, please go to:


Nursery Service

Education and care services for children aged between 2 and 6 are provided by our four nurseries, including Yuen Long Day Nursery from 1997, Fanling Day Nursery, Tung Chung Day Nursery from 2001 and Tung Yan Day Nursery from 2008. We aim to help children lay a good foundation for entering the primary education. Through parenting education and parent-children activities, an ideal learning environment is cultivated. All of the four nurseries are with Occasional Child Care Service, while the first three nurseries accept application from children with disabilities. Yuen Long Day Nursery and Tung Chung Day Nursery also provide Extended Hours Service to cater for the needs of double-income parents. For more detail about our nursery services, please go to:


Community University for the Elderly

Community University for the Elderly has been providing lifelong learning opportunities for people aged 55 or above since 2002. Service users are able to make good use of their leisure, become more knowledgeable, have a passion to know more about the truth of the world, be healthier in their body, heart, soul and social relationship, realise their full potential and enjoy a fruitful and passionate life. The Community University is composed of Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Ti-I, Faculty of Social Services and Social Sciences, Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Healthcare. Students are encouraged to participate in the courses based on their own interests.



CASEN was established in 2004 and has been the first college set up for people with disabilities. The College is with Department of Arts, Department of Performing Arts, Department of Physical Education, Department of Visual Arts, Department of Culinary Arts, Department of Healthcare, Department of Image Design and Cosmetology and Department of Business. We keep providing learning opportunities for people to learn and explore their potential to the fullest extent, so that they are able to become an active member with passion in the society.


Courses of the Employees Retraining Board

Courses of the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) are provided at our Tung Chung Community Services Complex and Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre for all eligible employees in Hong Kong aged 15 or above. The training courses are full-time, either placement-tied such as the “Foundation Certificate in Cosmetician Assistant Training”, or generic skills training courses such as the “Workplace English”. At the same time, job counselling, referrals and follows-up are provided to assist the service users to re-enter the employment market, to sustain in their new posts, and to move up their career ladders.

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