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Wenchang Neighbourhood Multi-Service Centre

for the Elderly

Contact Us

Address:No. 12, Yao Hua Street, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China

Tel:(8620)8182 5012

Service Type:

District Elderly Community Centre

Service Hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays – closed

Service Boundary :


  Service Objectives

  • District Elderly Community Centre: to enable elders in the district to have healthy, respectful and dignified community living; to enhance elders’ positive images and fruitful living; to take the lead to collaborate with the general public to build up a “care for our elders” community.

  • Supported Team for the Elderly: to provide the needy elderly with social network and outreaching service and promote elderly volunteer programme.


  • Integrated Home Care Services: to provide care and support to people with social need living in the community so as to maintain their mobility and ability of living independently; to acquire the necessary skills to adapt to changing health status for preventing premature and inappropriate admission to hospital and residential care.

Target Group

  • Member: people aged 60 or above.


  • Volunteer and Community Education: individual in the community.

Scopes of Service

  • Volunteer Development: 9 volunteer groups are formed, including the Ambassador of Love Group, Goodwill Ambassador, Care Volunteer Group, Spotlight Group, Gardening Group, Charity Group, Universal Group, Ambassador of Health Group and Smile Group; volunteer training is held with a volunteer award presentation every year.


  • Social and Recreational Service: social, interest, education, development and volunteer groups and classes are arranged; activities such as birthday party, festive gathering, carnival, daytrip, visit, talks and exchanges are organised; personal services such as haircutting, letter writing, measure of blood pressure and so on; elders are free to chat, exercise, read newspaper, watch TV, play chess or take a rest.


  • Integrated Home Care Service: delivery of meals, nursing, home cleaning, laundry, purchase and deliver of goods; caring visit.


  • Support Service for the Elderly: visit, contact by phone, emotional support, introduction to community resources and so on; personal assistance such as simple housework, organising social and recreational activities.


  • Community Education: talks, exhibition, carnival, etc.; publication of books, resource booklet or display boards.


  • TV, audio equipment, projector, book rank, magazine rank, kitchen with simple cookware.


  • Membership fee is 12 yuan per year.


  • Fees may be charged for other activities and services depending on their nature.

  Application Procedures  

  • Apply in person or make a phone call to the centre; or referred by Street Office, Residents’ Committee or other units.

  Withdrawal Procedures

Apply to the centre.

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