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Community Development 

Encourage Residents’ Participation
Advocate Self-help & Mutual Support

In the 1960s, there were quite a number of people living in poverty who struggled in order to survive in Hong Kong. In the said period, about 0.75 million of people lived in squatter area, temporary housing area, cottage area, boat shed, people affected by the five-year redevelopment plan of Mark III to Mark VI public housing estates and those transient communities with very inadequate or non-existent welfare services. The “Neighbourhood Level Community Development Project” introduced by the government in the 1970s started to subsidise non-government organisations (NGOs) to encourage residents’ participation in these deprived areas. With a better use of resources inside and outside the community, self-help and mutual support are promoted to improve the living environment and quality of life of the residents. Apart from the “Neighbourhood Level Community Development Project”, our Council is committed to developing other community development services such as the “Social Service Team in Buildings Department”.


Neighbourhood Level Community Development Project  

Cha Kwo Ling Centre and Tuen Mun / Yuen Long Rural Village Centre started to launch the “Neighbourhood Level Community Development Project” in 1980 and 1986 respectively for residents living in the squatter areas and rural villages with an aim to promote community education and enhance the knowledge of the residents about the community affairs. Provided with leadership training, the residents are trained up with their leadership skills to serve the community. The centres encourage the residents to participate more in living issues happened in the community and provide them with knowledge about the organisation structure and operation of the government and local organisations. The residents can acquire the relevant knowledge to communicate with the government and the groups to reflect their opinion if necessary. The residents are eventually equipped with more awareness of the community and know how to better utilise social resources to solve problems. Mutual-help and a sense of belonging are finally built in the community.


 Community Service Team  

Pak Tin Community Service Team II and Tai Hang Sai Social Work Service Team were formally established in May 2018 and September 2018 respectively. The Teams aim to provide services and activities to elderly tenants and residents who are affected by these two clearance project respectively. Besides, local parties are connected and coordinated to promote caring community, thus to facilitate elders/ residents to get assistance in the community


Community Investment Inclusion Fund Project

Gaining financial support from the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund, “Healthy and Happy Family in Pak Tin” Community Support and Networking Project was formally established in June 2020 while the "Good Neighbour@Tai Po"- Fu Tip Estate Community Support and Networking Project was established in April 2021. The teams aim at assisting residents to adapt the new living environment, promoting community supportive networks and enhancing residents’ belongingness, through volunteer training, as well as collaborations with local organizations, schools and commercial sectors.

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