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Copyright Statement

The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council (hereinafter referred to as "NAAC") is the owner of the copyright in all contents available on this website, including all logos, text, graphics, illustrations, charts, photographs, data compilations or other materials. The public may freely browse, display, download, print, distribute or duplicate such data for non-commercial purposes but must retain the original format used in our website in doing so and also indicate that the content is originally owned by “The Neighbourhood Advice-Action Council".

Any person or organisation that seeks to use copyrighted content owned by NAAC for any purpose other than non-commercial use shall obtain written approval from NAAC in advance. NAAC reserves the right to take legal action against all unauthorised use of copyrighted content.


NAAC reserves all rights which are not expressly granted in this Notice.


The permission given above does not extend to any materials on the linked websites or any contents on this website the copyright of which belongs to a third party. Authorisation or permission to use such contents must be obtained from the copyright holders concerned. If an external website wishes to create hyperlinks to this website, please send your request to .

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