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Provide Health Education

Health Care and Medical Consultation Services

Our Council believes that the concept of “health” is a state of complete physical, psychological, mental and social well-being perceived by an individual. We focused on prevention and education in the early stage such as health education, health advice, exhibition and health check. Our Council set up the Health Care Service Sub-committee in 2000 to develop health care services. Three Chinese Medicine projects have been developed and two community clinics have been set up for the elderly.

Chinese Medicine

Assisted by The Chinese University of Hong Kong and funded by Mr. and Mrs. W.N. CHIEN and ACCA CHARITABLE FOUNDATION LIMITED, our Council established C.C. Chien Memorial Chinese Medicine Clinic in 2000 to provide affordable and good quality Chinese medical services to the general public, including General Medical Treatment, Acupuncture Therapy, Bone-setting Treatment, Tui-na, dispensary of Chinese herbal medicine and concentrated Chinese medicine granules. Free Chinese medical services are provided to the poor and sick elders with a purpose to promote the Chinese healthcare concept in the community.

Our Council set up Tung Chung Chinese Medicine Mobile Service in 2005 to provide free Chinese medical consultation to elder villagers living in remoted areas in Tung Chung, Tai O and Mui Wo. Health education is also held on a regular basis.

New Territories West Community Rehabilitation Day Centre has adopted a multi-disciplinary approach to offer holistic treatment based on integrated Chinese and Western medicine. An integral and comprehensive service is provided to patients suffering from stroke, neurological disorders, severe pain or amputation. Acupuncture treatment is also provided at the centre.


Community Clinic  

Tuen Mun District Integrated Services Centre for the Elderly Community Clinic has started promoting health education and illness prevention services by a professional medical team since 2003. Services include nursing care, occupational therapy, purchase of rehabilitation equipment for service users, assessment of home environment, home-based rehabilitation service and so on. It aims to help the elderly slow down health deterioration in the community, prevent illnesses and prevent them from having accidents.

Shamshuipo District Elderly Community Centre “Health Care Square” Community Health Care Service has started holding health education, health check, community rehabilitation and mutual support group by a professional medical team since 2005. Diversified health care services include nursing care, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, purchase of rehabilitation equipment for service users, assessment of home environment and rehabilitation service. The services provided can help the elderly ease their worries and improve their quality of life.