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Children & Youth Service

Walk with Children Side by Side
Help Youth Develop their Potential

Young people are facing the complexities and challenges especially in Hong Kong where the political, economic and social environment is changing so rapidly; meanwhile, the youth are full of puzzles as they are constantly bombarded with various pressure, such as family problems, difficulties in study, peer group influence and temptation from the outside world. The Children and Youth Service of our Council aims to provide supportive services so that they can have all-rounded development in the domains of moral, intellectual, physical, social skills and aesthetics. Children and young people can build up their values on pride and self-respect and become a virtuous person. They should be able to analyse any issues rationally and find out solutions independently. We help children and young people understand how to get along with people, take part in the social affairs and become mature, responsible and contributing members of the society through a wide range of programmes.

Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre

Jockey Club Tai Po North Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre and Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre were established in 1992 and in 2001 respectively. Serving children and youth in Tai Po and Tung Chung, children can develop their self-care ability and realise their own potential; and young people can build up a positive attitude towards their life, have a mutual support among their peers, and have a clear vision about their study and career development. We provide training, work trail opportunities and job matching to help the youth. We take the initiative to reach out the children and youth and encourage them to build up support network and development. We also provide counselling, parenting education and parent-child programmes. Platform for opinion exchange and civic education are organised to respond to the need of the community.

Core Programmes

Guidance & counselling:

moral education groups, parent’s interactive groups, emotional counselling groups, casework and so on.

Services are provided for the disadvantaged children and youth:
Services are provided for the disadvantaged children and youth: service for single-parent families, service for children newly arrived in Hong Kong and so on.

Socialisation services:

friends making group, sex education group and so on.

Development of social responsibility and competence:

volunteer group, care for the community group and so on.


Non-core Programmes

Spending time constructively:

drop-in service, interest groups, summer youth programmes, study room service and so on.


Eastern / Wanchai District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team

Eastern District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team was established in 1997 and has been transformed into Eastern / Wanchai District Youth Outreaching Social Work Team in 2002. Tung Chung Youth Outreaching Team launched its service in 2013. The team provides outreaching programmes with counselling, home visits, recreational and educational activities and training. The latter team also provides overnight outreaching service for young night drifters and work with local organisations in the community to help them overcome their problems in schooling, employment and socialisation; moreover, they can become more adaptive to the difficult environment, avoid going astray and assist in their personal development.


Overnight Outreaching Service for Young Night Drifters

Starting from 2001, Islands, Central & Western District Youth Night Drifters Service Project has been using the outreaching programme to establish contact with the night drifters to provide counselling, guidance and other forms of service to help them overcome their problems. Activities are organised for them in order to give them counselling service and assistance so that they can avoid going astray and taking drugs.


School Social Work Service

School Social Work Team (1) and Tung Chung School Social Work Team (2) started to serve students in secondary schools located in Wanchai and Lantau Island from 2000 and 2003 respectively, providing services such as counselling, advice, group activities to help students solve their problems in academic, social and emotional development. The teams seek to assist students in getting maximum use of their educational opportunities, realising their full potential, building up social relationship in the community and preparing them for adulthood.


After School Care Programme

Jockey Club Tin Shui Wai Integrated Services Centre was established in 1994 and received funding for renovation from the Hong Kong Jockey Club in 2013. Lei Tung After School Care Service Centre and Tai Po North After School Care Service Centre started to provide their services from 2000. Tung Chung After School Care Service Centre started the services started the services in 2001. They offer services for children from dual-income parents or other needy families. While lacking of care after school, the centres provide tutorial classes, groups for skill learning, volunteer service, lunch or refreshment, group activities for the social and recreational development. Children can have a positive development while parents can receive counselling and education services.


Child Development Fund

Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre has launched a three-year programme called "Dream with Unity" in December 2018. In addition, Jockey Club Tai Po North Integrated Children & Youth Services Centre will also launch a three-year programme called "Dream Planner" in March 2019.

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