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Address:2/F, 7-1 Cunshan North Street, Baohua Road, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China

Tel:(8620) 8177 0804

Service Type:

Day Activity Centre and Vocational Rehabilitation Service

Service Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Statutory Holidays – closed

  Service Objectives

  • In response to the need of whole-person development of service users, to provide integrated services in a people-oriented approach;


  • To provide vocational rehabilitation services with assessment and production training so as to raise the productivity of the service users and encourage them to seek employment in the open market;


  • To organise social, recreational and developmental activities to encourage service users to explore their full potential for improving their quality of life and promoting their mental health;


  • To organise service users to form volunteer group and integrate into the community;


  • To provide counselling and support to family members of the elderly and to assist them in resolving difficulty and pressure;


  • To encourage family members to utilise appropriate attitude and technique in helping the service users grow up;


  • To let individuals in the community understand and accept people with disabilities so that a caring community can be built.

Target Group

  • People aged 15 or above with mentally handicap or ex-mentally ill people.


  • Good health with psychiatric and emotional stability.


  • People with basic self-care ability and with motivation at work

Scopes of Service

  • Integrated Assessment and Casework: casework meeting are organised to set out the plan; through assessment, set out individual development plan; provide counselling and referral.


  • Individual Training and Development Activities: we provide training on self-help, communication, use of community facilities; social groups, job seeking workshop and volunteer training are provided.


  • Vocational Rehabilitation Assessment and Employment Programme: vocational rehabilitation is provided; based on individual need, ability and will, set out employment plan and arrange relevant training.


  • Vocational Training and Internship Programme: Good working attitude and habit are cultivated through training to raise their motivation at work; internship is arranged for service users to get practical experience.


  • Work with Family Members: meet with family members and home visit to keep a good communication and cooperation; talks are organised to share the technique to resolve difficult cases and ease pressure.


  • Community Work: service users are arranged to work as volunteer team participating in community activities; volunteer training and integration activities are organised; more individuals are expected to understand and accept the service users so that they can integrate themselves as a member of the society.


  • Interview room, group meeting room, multi-sensory treatment room, multi-function training room, kitchen for training purpose, bathroom for training purpose, nursing room, personal lockers and racks for food storage, washing machine, TV, video player, audio equipment, computer, recreational devices and gardening equipment.


  • In general, services are free of charge.


  • Fees may be charged depending on the lunch provided or individual activities.

  Application Procedures  

  • Apply to the centre in person or by phone call. Application must be referred by Fengyuan Street Community Residents’ Committee.

  Withdrawal Procedures

Apply to the centre.

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