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Address:6/F, Sai Ying Pun Community Complex, 2 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

Tel:3427 9267

Fax:3427 9265


Service Type:

Urban Hostel for Single Persons


Service Hours:

24 hours

Service Objectives

  • To provide temporary accommodation for the needy or overnight accommodation in emergency cases, and to assist lodgers in adapting to the hostel life;

  • To assist lodgers in having a better planning a long-term accommodation for the future;

  • To encourage lodgers to better use their spare time and face their life in a positive way;

  • To promote mutual support among lodgers and to build a social network with harmony.

Target Group 

  • Urban Hostel for Single Persons is a form of short term accommodation for needy people, or street sleepers waiting for long-term accommodation or people living in partitioned flats, bedspace apartment lodgers and homeless people.

  Scopes of Service  

  • 24-hour accommodation service (162 places for male and 108 places for female);

  • Counselling service to assist lodgers in adapting to the hostel life and solving their problems;

  • Group activities and gathering to build friendship and mutual support among the lodgers so that they can have more opportunities to explore their potential.


  • Bunker beds, lockers, bed lamps and fans; supply of hot and cold water with simple cooking facilities; hall and study room for meeting friends, gathering and activates and watching television.


  • Monthly rent: from HK$1,200 to HK$1,800; if there is an incomplete month of accommodation, rent will be charged based on the number days of accommodation; a deposit equivalent to one month’s rental will be imposed.

  Application Procedures  

  • Applicants living alone must provide a rental receipt of a flat less than 5.5 square metres (about 60 square feet) or a bedspace in the past six months and receive a monthly salary not exceeding HK$9,900 for application by themselves; or they can contact a social worker for referral and application.

  • Applicants can be referred by government departments, the Social Welfare Department, hospitals, non-government organisations, local groups and individuals.

Withdrawal Procedures  

Lodgers must give a notice to the hostel officer verbally or in writing 7 days prior to moving out.

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