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Address: 1/F, Carpark 1, Yat Tung Estate, Tung Chung, Lantau Island, New Territories


  1. YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 2988 8123
    Wednesday: 3140 6365

  2. Caritas Charles Vath College
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 2988 8821
    Wednesday: 3140 6365

  3. Discovery College
    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 3969 1000
    Wednesday: 3140 6365

Fax:3140 6366


Service Type:

School Social Work Service


Service Hours at Schools:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Service Objectives  

  • To help students to solve their academic, social and emotional problems, so that they can have suitable school education, develop their potentials to the fullest, develop good interpersonal relationship and family relationship, achieve healthy personal growth, link with and care for the community and prepare for the responsible adulthood.

  Target Group  

  • Students of YMCA of Hong Kong Christian College, Caritas Charles Vath College and Discovery College

 Scopes of Service  

  • Counselling: through interviews, home visits and referrals, assist them in solving problems in relation to study, social relationship, emotion, love affairs, families and so on.

  • Groups and Programmes: help students understand themselves and develop their potentials through groups, indoor or outdoor activities.

  • Guidance: provide information and advice for the enquiries raised by students, teachers and parents; if necessary, opinion and advice will be given by participating in school’s meeting.

  • Coordinate resources outside schools: strengthen the linkage between the school and resources in the local community for a better development of the students.


  • Guidance and counselling are free of charge. Programmes will be charged depending on the nature of activities.

 Application Procedures  

  • Apply directly for the service or referred by schools, parents, external professionals.

  Withdrawal Procedures  

  • Submit your request through social workers.

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