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Address:Wing A, G/F, Chu Fung House, Fung Tak Estate, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon

Tel:2320 7834

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Service Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday & Public Holidays – closed

  Service Objectives

  • We believe everyone should have the same opportunity to receive continuous education. Through courses offered by the college, people with disabilities can have lifelong learning, better use of their leisure, cultivate their interest, gain more knowledge, widen their social circle, enhance their ability to face challenge, raise self-confidence and self-image so that a whole person can be developed. The college also provides parent-child learning opportunities to strengthen the communication. People with disabilities and the able-bodied can learn together from the Extension Learning Programme. Integration between the able-bodied and the disabled is therefore achieved.

Target Group

  • General Programmes: people aged 6 or above with special learning needs, including people with mental or physical disabilities, autism, ex-mentally ill or people with learning disability can register as student of our college.

Scopes of Service

  • CASEN consists of 8 departments and extension learning courses. One semester lasts for 3 months and credit points can be accumulated for each of the courses.
    Department of Arts: Languages, Interpersonal Relationship, Social Responsibilities, General Studies, Numerical Skills and so on.
    Department of Performing Arts: Music, Dancing, Theatre Arts, Drama and so on.
    Department of Physical Education: Soccer, Swimming, Mechanics, Lion Dancing, Thai Kickboxing and so on.
    Department of Visual Arts: Drawing, Photography, Ceramics, Floral Art, Gardening and so on.
    Department of Culinary Arts: Cooking, Industrial Training on Food and Beverage and so on.
    Department of Healthcare: Professional Thematic Assistant Degree Programme.
    Department of Image Design and Cosmetology: Fashion Design, Nail Beauty, Hair Styling and so on.
    Department of Business: Office Practice and so on.
    Extension Learning Programme: apart from courses offered by the departments, this learning programme encourages an integration of able-bodied and the disabled to learn together by field experience; for example, an equal opportunity to participate in activities, development programme, etc.


  • Graduation Ceremony: presentation of certificates to recognise the effort paid by the students.

  Application Procedures

  • Apply in person to the centre.

  Withdrawal Procedures

  • Apply directly to the centre.

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