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Address:Unit Nos. 5-16, G/F, Sun Kit House, Sun Chui Estate, Sha Tin, New Territories

Tel:2692 6733

Service Type:

​Child Care Centre (with Occasional Child Care Service and Extended Hours Service)

Service Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday: 8:00 am – 1:00 pm

Sunday, Public Holidays, Summer Holiday & Chinese New Year – closed

  Service Objectives

  • To provide education and care service of good quality for children to cultivate a good daily habit and behaviour;

  • To provide balanced diet for children to cultivate a good dietary habit;

  • To design and implement toddler and child activities with care to raise their learning motivation and explore their potential and enhance their learning ability;

  • To enhance the physical fitness of the toddlers and children for their agility skills;

  • To stimulate their intellectual development so that toddlers and children can have an all-round and stable emotion, social and physical development;

  • To lay a solid foundation for children to get prepared for kindergarten or primary education.

Target Group

  • Children aged from 1 month to 24 months

Scopes of Service

  • All activities, facilities and meals are operated in compliance with the Child Care Services Ordinance and Regulations set out by the Social Welfare Department.

  • Services of the Day Creche
    Intellectual Education: basic game, sensory training, motor muscle training, cultivation of social skills and common sense;
    Physical Education: morning exercise and exercise of the motor muscles;
    Creative Art: making art pieces with flour dumpling, graphic creation, singing and storytelling;
    Caring: breakfast, lunch and tea are provided for a balanced diet. Nap time is part of the routine in the crèche with training on various aspects such as self-help and toileting;
    Special Activities: birthday party, celebration in festivals, day trip, visit and united graduation ceremony;
    Parents’ Participation: parent-child activities, parents’ association, talks, visit, parents’ resources centre;

  • Occasional Child Care Service: to provide occasional child care service for parents who cannot take care of the children in the daytime temporarily;

  • Extended Hours Service: to provide child care service to double-income parents or needy families who are in need of longer hours of the service.


  • Motor muscle room, living room, washroom for toddlers and children, laundry and kitchen


  • Day Creche: In the academic year of 2022-2023, monthly fee is HK$5,859 and monthly meal fee is HK$521.

  • Occasional Child Care: HK$16 per two hours; in addition to HK$6.5 per meal.

  • Extended Hours Service: HK$13 per hour.

  • Families with financial difficulty may apply for “Kindergarten and Child Care Centre Fee Remission Scheme”.

  • Parents are required to pay other fees for schoolbag and handbook, for example.

  Application Procedures

  • Day Creche: Apply with an application form with relevant documents to the creche.

  • Occasional Child Service and Extended Hours Service: Apply directly to the creche.

  Withdrawal Procedures

  • Parents must notify us with one month’s notice in writing for withdrawal. Otherwise, parents are required to pay the tuition fee of that month as we have reserved a school place for the children.

  • Parents must submit a “Notification of Withdrawal” form. Children, who have withdrawn but would like to re-apply for a school place, must complete the whole application procedures from the beginning. There is no priority given to re-applicants.

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