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Address:13/F, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong

Tel:2527 4567

Service Type:

Community University for the Elderly

  Service Objectives

  • To arouse the learning motivation of the elderly which helps them face challenges in daily life; to promote lifelong learning and a better use of leisure time to develop their knowledge, differentiate between right and wrong and have a desire to work out truth and knowledge. Elders’ potential can be fully developed in terms of health, mind, heart, soul and community. The elderly are therefore able to enjoy their golden age with equal learning opportunities.

Target Group

  • People aged 55 or above

Scopes of Service

  • There are five facilities with a credit point accumulation system.
    Faculty of Arts: Chinese classes, English classes, Poetry and Putonghua classes;
    Faculty of Ti-I: Vocal, Chinese Painting, Western Painting, Sports and Handicrafts;
    Faculty of Social Services and Social Sciences: programmes such as volunteer training and human relationship management;
    Faculty of Information Technology: courses such as Use of Computer, IPad, and Use of Apps on Smartphones;
    Faculty of Healthcare: courses such as Chinese Medicine Dietary and Acupoint Massage.

  • Graduation Ceremony: it is held every 3 years to present certificates of different levels to the graduates as recognition for their effort paid.

  Application Procedures  

  • Apply in person and submit annual fee to Shamshuipo District Elderly Community Centre, Tung Chung Integrated Services Centre, Tuen Mun District Integrated Services Centre for the Elderly, Lei Tung Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Tin Shui Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Nga Yin Association Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Ma On Shan Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Fu Tai Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, Pak Tin Social Centre for the Elderly, Martha Baker Social Centre for the Elderly, Sau Mau Ping Social Centre for the Elderly.

  Withdrawal Procedures  

  • Apply directly to the centre.

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