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G/F, Luk Tin House, Yan Tin Estate, Tuen Mun, N.T

Tel: 2566 6386
Fax: 3500 2612


Service Type:

Day Care Centre for the Elderly


Service Hours:

Day Care Service

Monday to Saturday: 8am-6pm (except Public Holiday)

Extended Service Hour:
Monday to Saturday: 6pm – 8pm


Holiday Respite Service:

Sunday & Public Holiday: 8am – 6pm 


 Service Objectives  

  • High quality integrated day care services: nursing care services, rehabilitation services, services of daily living, social activities, carer services are provided to the frail elders so as to promote health as well as quality of health, relieve stress of carer, and empower carer with caring technique. 

​Target Group  

  • Tuen Mun resident with age of 60 or above and meet the following criteria:
     Stable health condition
    Moderate to severe grade of impairment level
    Living in the community
    Carer cannot provide day time care
    Not bed-bound
    Free of aggressive behaviour

  • Carers of service users

 Scopes of Service  

  • Nursing care services
    Basic health assessment
    Individual nursing care plan
    Basic nursing care
    Special nursing care
    Health education

  • Social activity

       Social and recreational activities

       Educational activities

       Volunteer activities


  • Rehabilitation services
    Health assessment
    Individual rehabilitation plan
    Rehabilitation therapy
    Need assessment for rehabilitation aids
    Purchasing rehabilitation aids
    Home assessment and modification

  • Services of daily living

  • Carer services
    Carer support services
    Meal service 
    Referral services


  • Long-term service will be charged according to the frequency of attending the service and the standard set by Social Welfare Department. 

  • There additional charge for extended hour services.


  • Respite service costs $41.5 per day.

  Application Procedures  

  • Apply through district elderly community centre, neighbourhood elderly centre, social centre for the elderly, integrated home care services, medical social services.

  • Long term service applicant must go through the central assessment by SCNAMO and meet all the criteria set by the Social Welfare Department.


  • Respite service applicant can apply the service in person or by referral.

  Withdrawal Procedures  

  • 2-weeks advance acknowledgement must be made in case long term service users would like to withdraw from the service.

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