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Address: Unit G01, Wang Yiu House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon

Tel:2794 9325
Fax: 2794 9365
E-mail:[email protected]


Service Type:

Integrated Home Care Services


Service Hours:

Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday & Public Holidays – closed


Service Boundary:

1. Ordinary Cases: public housing — Lok Fu Estate, Wang Tau Hom Estate (Wang Yiu House, Wang Cho House, Wang Wai House, Wang Fai House); Home Ownership Scheme — Hong Keung Court, Fu Keung Court, Tak Keung Court, Tak Keung Court, Ka Keung Court, Tin Ma Court, Tin Wang Court, Rhythm Garden; private buildings — residential units on Junction Road (South of Morse Park), San Po Kong

2. Frail Cases: Lung Tsui, Lung Kai, Lung Sheung, Fung Wong, Fung Tak, Lung Sing, San Po Kong, Tung Tau, Tung Mei, Lok Fu, Wang Tau Hom, Tin Keung, Tsui Chuk & Pang Ching, Chuk Yuen South, Chuk Yuen North, Tsz Wan West, Ching Oi, Ching On, Tsz Wan East, King Fu, Choi Wan East, Choi Wan South, Choi Wan West, Chi Choi, Choi Hung

Service Objectives

  • The centre aims to provide care and support to people with social need living in the community so as to maintain their mobility and ability of living independently; to acquire the necessary skills to adapt to changing health status for preventing premature and inappropriate admission to hospital and residential care.

  Target Group 

  • Ordinary Cases: people aged 60 or above living in the community, people with disabilities and individuals and families with social need living in the community.

  • Frail Cases: people who suffer from moderate to severe level of impairment or disability as assessed by the Social Welfare Department in need of a series of caring and rehabilitation services. Effective from 1 March 2014, people with severe physical disabilities should switch to apply for the “Integrated Support Service for Persons with Severe Physical Disabilities”.

Scopes of Service 

  • Ordinary Cases: basic care, personal care, meal delivery, laundry service, general household/housekeeping service, child-minding, home-based day care service, escort, purchase and delivery, home environmental risk assessment, recommendations on home modifications and carer support service.

  • Frail Cases: care plans, basic and special nursing care, day care service, rehabilitation exercises, home environmental risk assessment, recommendations on home modifications, counselling, individual care, home-based day care service, home care and meal delivery, escort, 24-hour emergency support, respite and carer support service.


  • Fees will be charged based on the charging criteria set out by the Social Welfare Department and depending on the financial affordability of service users.

 Application Procedures 

  • Ordinary Cases: Visit in person or call to the centre for application; or referred by government departments, non-government organisations, medical social workers, community nurses, or referred by other departments or groups; fill in and send the application form or referral form by post, by fax or return it to the centre; after assessment, qualified applicants will receive service or be put on the waiting list.

  • Frail Cases: Application should be sent through the Social Welfare Department or the family service centres of non-government organisations, medical social workers, or district elderly community centres. Applicants should be assessed by the Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly Services of the Social Welfare Department. Qualified applicants will receive service or be put on the waiting list.

  Withdrawal Procedures  

  • Visit in person, make a phone call or write to staff at the centre.