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Address: 3/F, Tsz Wan Shan (South) Estate Community Centre, 45 Wan Wah Street, Tsz Wan Shan, Kowloon

Tel:2511 0770

Fax:2511 0677


Service Type:

Centre for People with Autism


Service Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday & Public Holidays – closed

Service Objectives  

  • To provide all-round and systematic services to people with autism and assist them in developing their potential and ability when they grow up

Target Group  

  • People with developmental disabilities such as autism, Asperger syndrome or symptoms of autism and their family members

Scopes of Service  

  • Professional Assessment Service: cases will be assessed by clinical psychologists, speech therapists, vocational therapists, physiotherapists and family social workers to work out a plan in the direction of all-round development, which will let carers have the ability to master the need in the case.

  • Tailor-made Treatment and Development Project: based on the results of the professional assessment, an individualised development plan and professional training service will be provided to the service users to fully develop their individual ability.

  • Supportive Service: counselling, continuous education service, integrated respite service, social and recreational activities, vocational development service, on-site support for schools (design teaching strategies for teachers, students, parents, professional training, service enquiries and follow-up).

  • Organising Foundation Course for Pre-school Children: early intervention service is provided to help children with special learning needs so that they can integrate into the mainstream education.


  • Campus based training environment, sensory integration therapy room, seminar room, individual treatment room


  • Please refer to the leaflet.

Application Procedures

  • Apply to the centre directly.

Withdrawal Procedures  

Apply to the centre directly.

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