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Address: 5 Tai Ching Cheung Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories

Tel:2742 3378
Fax: 2742 3810


Service Type:

Integrated Rehabilitation Services Centre (Day Activity Centre, Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons, Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons, with Extended Care Programme, Day Respite Service and Residential Respite Service)


Office Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

  Service Objectives 

  • Fairyland consolidates different types of daytime training and residential care services through sharing a common space with support from a team of professional staff as a means to promote continuity in the services and better use of resources. We aim to create a safe and comfortable environment for people with disabilities based on the people-oriented spirit. In response to the needs of whole-person development for 215 disabled people, we provide one-stop integrated services of daytime training, nursing, care and residence. Services provided aim to explore their potential, integrate into the society, and improve the quality of life. The hostel also provides support to the family with a person of disabilities so that they can handle the difficulty and pressure together and join the effort for development of people with disabilities.

  • Day Activity Centre: to train people with severe mental handicap to become more independent in their daily lives, and to prepare them for better integration into the community. With participation in volunteer work, they can develop their potential and move in the direction of whole-person development.

  • Extended Care Programme: to meet the service needs of the existing service users of Day Activity Centre who could no longer benefit from prolonged or intensive training so that they can have developmental and social activities to enjoy their lives.

  • Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons & Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons: to provide intensive care and home living services for persons with severe mental handicap, severely mentally disabled people who require assistance in personal and nursing care. The hostel provides a safe, comfortable, home living residential care, daily care support and nursing services to keep their body health and functions so as to improve the quality of life.

  • Day Respite Service: to provide day respite service for people with severe disabilities so as to allow carers to take care of personal matters or emergence. This also helps temporarily relieve their caring duties and alleviate their stress.

  • Residential Respite Service: to provide short-term accommodation service to the disabled in the community. Its purpose is to make life for those involved in routine care for people with disabilities less stressful and more stimulating.

  Target Group  

  • Day Activity Centre and Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons: people aged 15 or above with severely mentally handicap.

  • Work Extension Programme: people aged 50 or above who could no longer benefit from prolonged or intensive training due to ageing or deterioration in health condition.

  • Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons: people aged 15 or above with severe mental disabilities who are in need of nursing and intensive personal care.

  • Day Respite Service and Residential Respite Service: people aged 6 or above with disabilities living in the community.

 Scopes of Service  

  • A team of professionals manages the hostel in a casework model to assess the level of disabilities and needs of the service users. Individual support and development plan are set out with integrated service resources to provide services of rehabilitation, nursing and counselling for their physical and psychological health. A variety of leisure, social and recreational activities are organised for their colourful life and for a liaison with their family as a support so that we can work together for the benefit of the service users. Through community education, volunteer work and integration activities, service users have more chances to get in touch with external individuals who can understand and accept more of them and achieve a society integrated with the able-bodied and the disabled.

  • Day Activity Centre provides day care and training in daily living skills (e.g. muscle function ability, self-care ability, communication skills, social skills, home and community living skills, simple work skills, leisure and recreational activities) for people with severe/moderate intellectual disability;Extended Care Programme provides rehabilitation training and/or physical exercises and social, recreational and developmental activities for service users.

  • Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons & Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons provide a safe and comfortable home living residential care service.

  • Day Respite Service provides temporary care support in the daytime.

  • Residential Respite Service provides temporary residential care service.


  • Bakery, ceramic room, NáAC Café, NáAC convenience store, basketball court, barbecue site, fish pond, tortoise pond (home with long life), sensory plaza, club house, green roof garden, sensory garden, environmentally friendly roof garden, Faith Hope Love Garden, adventure plaza, multi-sensory treatment room, nurse/nursing room, special treatment room, physiotherapy room, occupational therapy room, meeting room, bedroom, kitchen, laundry, etc.


  • Day Activity Centre and Extended Care Programme: free

  • Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons and Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons: HK$1,605 per month (for 50% disabled adults) or HK1,813 per month (for 100% disabled adults or Disability Allowance recipients) and sundry fees of HK$150 per month​

  • Day Respite Service: HK$20 per session (4 hours per session without meals)

  • Residential Respite Service: HK$60 per day (with meals)

  • Fees may be charged depending on individual activities.

  Application Procedures  

  • Day Activity Centre, Hostel for Severely Mentally Handicapped Persons & Care and Attention Home for Severely Disabled Persons: referrals can be made by social workers to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department.

  • Extended Care Programme: no application is required as we will proactively make assessment and provide relevant services.

  • Day Respite Service and Residential Respite Service: apply directly to Fairyland, or referred by social workers at medical social services, integrated family service centres, special schools or rehabilitation social service organisations.

 Withdrawal Procedures  

Apply directly to Fairyland.

Centre Information 
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