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Withdrawal Procedures  

Apply to the hostel directly.

Centre Information
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Contact Us

Address:10 Tsing Chung Koon Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories

Tel: 2463 2522

Fax: 2463 1966


Service Type:

Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons (with Residential Respite Service and Work Extension Programme)

Office Hours:
24-hour operation

Service Objectives  

  • Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons: to provide people with moderate level of intellectual disability a safe, comfortable, home living residential hostel service and to help them maintain health, develop their potential, improve the quality of life and keep staying in the community independently.

  • Work Extension Programme: to provide vocational training to the service users of Tuen Mun Integrated Employment Services Centre who could no longer perform normal work tasks due to old age or deterioration in work abilities.

  • Residential Respite Service: to provide short term residential care service for people with disabilities in the community so that their family members or carers can have a planned short break or may attend to their personal business. The service aims to make life for those involved in routine care less stressful and more stimulating.

Target Group 

  • Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons: people with moderately mentally handicap who are aged 15 or above

  • Work Extension Programme: people aged 50 or above who are in the process of ageing or having deteriorating work abilities, and need integrated vocational rehabilitation services apart from the vocational training

  • Residential Respite Service: people with mentally handicap who are aged 6 or above living in the community

  Scopes of Service

  • Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons: 

- to provide residential care and facilities, meals, and healthcare services (e.g. private and psychiatric visiting doctors, health talk and seminar, etc.)

- to maintain their self-care capability through training;
- to provide opportunities and organise activities for service  users to cultivate the daily living skills, social and communication skills which can fulfil their social and      recreational needs and keep in touch with the community      and their family members.

  • Work Extension Programme: to organise daily work activities for sustaining the residual work abilities of the service users, social and developmental programmes to cater for the care needs of the health and body.

  • Residential Respite Service: to provide short-term residential care service.


  • Bedroom, living room, dining room, interview room, multi-purpose room, music room, dancing room, small group room, roof garden, playground, community garden, parent-child café, BBQ site, sensory garden, climbing wall, tree house, food waste processor, solar hot water system, pantry, kitchen, laundry, etc.


  • Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons: HK$1,429 per month (50% disabled adults) or HK$1,506 per month (100% disabled adults or Disability Allowance recipients) and a sundry fee of HK$80 per month

  • Residential Respite Service: HK$52 per day (with meals)

  • Fees may be charged depending on individual activities.

Application Procedures

  • Hostel for Moderately Mentally Handicapped Persons: referred by the social workers to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department.

  • Work Extension Programme: no application is required. Tuen Mun Integrated Employment Services Centre will proactively provide the service.

  • Residential Respite Service: apply directly to the hostel, or referred by social workers at medical social services, integrated family service centres, special schools or rehabilitation social service organisations.

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